Primary thoughts: Obama, Edwards, McCain

January 8, 2008 at 12:34 am Leave a comment

Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain and former Sen. John Edwards show the most promise as presidential candidates with hours to go before the New Hampshire primary.

Obama has blended a gift for oratory with courageous positions on a response to a future 9/11-style terrorist attack (he advocated more careful planning than fellow candidates) and on health insurance (he wouldn’t penalize those who opted out of taking it). The Iowa caucus winner on the Democrat side could carry momentum into New Hampshire.

McCain inspired those seeking balance on the Republican side when he ran for president in 2008. Since then, he’s pandered to religious fundamentalists and war hawks, but the Vietnam veteran would still bring a military background and a civilian public-service portfolio to a White House job. He’s shown a willingness to work with colleagues from an opposing party and flexibility on illegal immigration, both positives because he’s not tied down to one position.

 Edwards, the 2004 Democratic vice-presidential nominee, advocates for working-class and poor citizens. Obama fans who want to unite the country may dislike Edwards’ populism, and Republicans may sneer at a $400-haircut trial lawyer campaigning for the working guy, but someone’s got to do the job.

 We’ll find out if any of these candidates succeeds tomorrow …

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