Mitt takes Michigan; (South) Carolina on his mind

January 17, 2008 at 9:22 pm Leave a comment

Three early tests, three different Republican winners: Mike Huckabee in Iowa, John McCain in New Hampshire, and now Mitt Romney in Michigan. Is there a sign of who has momentum?

Romney’s stumble in New Hampshire had pundits saying he had to do well in Michigan to salvage his campaign. McCain’s Granite State victory didn’t help him win Michigan, a state whose primary he had captured in 2000. Huckabee, whose victory in Iowa shocked the GOP establishment, hasn’t duplicated his success to date.

Will South Carolina, and not New Hampshire, determine who wins the Republican presidential nomination? If so, this religion-oriented state may make it a contest between Romney and Huckabee. McCain may have alienated Palmetto Staters for good with his criticism of the Stars and Bars and denunciation of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

Romney’s Michigan victory gives him credibility in the Republican race. Now he has a chance to show his conservative cred if he captures a truly red state, which New Hampshire and Michigan certainly are not.


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