Cause and conflict in Gaza

January 24, 2008 at 6:20 pm Leave a comment

Interrelated events have occurred in Israel and the Gaza Strip that make me wonder … if Palestinian militants turn off the missile attacks on Sderot, will the Israeli Defense Forces turn the power back on in Gaza City?

The situation in the Gaza Strip is grimmer than usual. Israel has closed off its borders. The sole power plant in the area has closed due to lack of fuel. The United Nations predicted a humanitarian crisis. An exodus to Egypt resulted when masked men created openings in a border fence.

And yet: Would this not stop if the militants of Hamas would discontinue their policy of launching Qassam missiles into Sderot?

“There are endless stories of kassam rockets exploding,” reporter Noam Bedein writes on “Every single family in Sderot has experienced the explosion of a rocket nearby.”

I wonder if the images of Palestinians fleeing their new state in Gaza might prove more helpful in convincing the leaders of Hamas to stop the rocket attacks. It seems that some Palestinians would prefer the government of another state — Egypt, which ruled the Gaza Strip until Israel captured the territory in the Six-Day War of 1967 — to that which the Palestinian people elected.

“(Although) many later returned, thousands are likely to have vanished from the besieged coastal strip permanently,” Newsweek reported

Perhaps what some Palestinians want in Gaza right now is not a Right of Return to their ancestral homes in Israel, but a right to live in peace and prosperity. Because of Israel’s collective punishment for the sins committed against Sderot, the government of Hamas is denying this right to the people who elected it. When will that stance change?

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