A Buckeye bombardment

February 27, 2008 at 6:59 pm Leave a comment

Thoughts about one of the sought-after presidential primary states, Ohio, from a visitor and lover of the Buckeye State (Adriatico’s and Larry’s, long life to you both!):

Hard to believe Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton even has a lead there to defend when she’s associated with an administration that passed NAFTA.

Economic platforms could decide the Buckeye battles on the Democratic side. Ohio’s economy is hurting.

Faith might be less of a factor than never-seen-Columbus East Coasters could expect. Ohio voters rejected fundamentalist favorite Ken Blackwell in the governor’s race in 2006. On the Republican side, Arkansas ex-Gov. Mike Huckabee might not want to stress his faith as much as his populism against Arizona Sen. John McCain.

Will racial prejudice affect Ohioans’ decision to vote for Sen. Barack Obama? I don’t think it will be to a greater or lesser degree than most other states. Yes, there were race riots in Cincinnati in 2001. But Ohio Republicans also ran an African-American candidate, Blackwell, for governor two years ago. I think most state voters will consider Obama fairly.

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