Nixonian side of Spitzer

March 12, 2008 at 6:09 pm Leave a comment

Are we talking about Eliot Laurence Spitzer or Richard Milhous Nixon?

Nighttime wrongdoings in a Washington hotel, the resignation of a prominent public official, a pledge to withdraw from politics — the similarities are eerie between Spitzer and Nixon.

Spitzer is now the ex-governor of New York due to his involvement in a prostitution scandal. He resigned on Wednesday. “Mr. Spitzer ended his speech by saying he would leave politics, and then departed quickly without taking questions,” the New York Times reported. No mention of whether or not he said, “You won’t have Eliot Spitzer to kick around anymore.”

It probably hurt Spitzer that he had alienated so many people — from the Wall Street suits who cheered his downfall to state legislators in both Republican and Democratic ranks. It sounds like his “Enemies List” was as long as Nixon’s … and it also seems plenty of powerful Empire Staters put him on their own “Enemies Lists.”

The goal of anyone in law enforcement (like Spitzer, who gained prominence when he was New York attorney general) should be impartiality. Spitzer’s problem was that he was impartial in his indignation. This may have left him with little support in his attempts to avert Watergate: Part II.


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