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Candidates behaving badly

Which of the 2008 candidates for president made the most outrageous statement lately?

In one corner, we have former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who spoke rather insensitively to a Jacksonville, Florida, audience. Romney “posed with a group of young African-Americans and, in an apparent reference to a 2000 hit song, jokingly said, ‘Who let the dogs out?'” the New York Times reported. (The stuffy NYT did not credit the artistry of the Baha Men, which was later used by one of the Gray Lady’s hometown teams, the Mets, during their Y2K World Series run.) “Later, shaking hands in the crowd, he said, ‘Oh, you’ve got some bling-bling here.'” This on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, of all occasions.

In another corner, we have two dueling Democrats, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and former Sen. John Edwards, both of whom spoke condescendingly toward their rival, Sen. Barack Obama. This, too, happened on MLK Day, beginning with Sen. Clinton’s description of Obama as “an extraordinary, young African-American man with so much to contribute.” The Times continued:

“[Disapproving] murmurs spread through the crowd at Mrs. Clinton’s reference to her rival as ‘young.’ It was one of many reflections of the simmering tensions between the two candidates. Mr. Edwards, a former North Carolina senator, also referred to Mr. Obama, 46, as a ‘talented young man.'”

What is it about race that prompts so many politicians to speak so thoughtlessly? Is it the result of candidates addressing a subject about which they may know very little? All of the experience that Romney, Clinton and Edwards command seems pretty pathetic when they show how inept they are on race-related topics.


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Edwards, Hillary and Iraq War lessons

How hard it must be to support legislation that steadily seems unpalatable.  That’s the case for John Edwards, former Democratic vice-presidential nominee in 2004 and current presidential candidate. Edwards has been trying to absolve his sin of voting for the Bush Iraq Senate bill in 2002 as his party and his country turn against the Iraq War.

One of Edwards’ rivals for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton, was in the Senate with him in 2002 and also voted for Bush’s Iraq bill. Hillary remains on Capitol Hill and holds more hawkish views than Edwards, who is reminding voters about her refusal to abandon such militaristic stances — as evidenced by her vote to call the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.

“Evidently, Senator Clinton and I learned two very different lessons from the Iraq war,” Edwards said on Wednesday. “I learned that if you give President Bush even an inch of authority, he will use it to sanction a war… While Senator Clinton tries to argue both sides of the issue, the truth is her vote opens the door for the president to attack Iran.”

Thursday marked the fifth anniversary of the Congressional decision to empower Bush to attack Iraq. The war he started shows no sign of ending, and now he wants this country to involve itself in another one. Edwards’ stance in 2002 seems less important than the public service he is providing now.

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