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Sex not in these Cities

What’s in a name … of a hit TV series turned blockbuster cinematic event?

There will be no public ads for the movie version of “Sex and the City” in two Israeli cities, Jerusalem and Petah Tikva. Why? Some folks who saw the ads didn’t like the use of the word “sex.”

Is this a sign that what some people call the lone democracy in the Middle East is using some most un-democratic censorship? Should we instead view it as behavior to emulate, given what neo-Puritans like myself see as an unbecoming American obsession with X-rated affairs?

I enjoyed what Vogue magazine called SATC:TM. It was great to see Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha return on the big screen. I give it two thumbs up … or, alternately, two Manolo Blahniks up.

I can also see how the movie’s depiction of sex would upset the haredim in Eretz Yisrael, as well as people across the US who are concerned with family values and their potential threat by risque behavior on the screen. Maybe the action of the two Israeli cities contains not just censorship, but courage.



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Conservative civil war?

“On Point” host Tom Ashbrook discussed conservative pundits’ animosity toward Sen. John McCain on Monday as McCain seems poised to win the Republican presidential nomination. Ashbrook focused on Rush Limbaugh, broadcasting Limbaugh’s mimicry of McCain and angry response to 1996 GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole, who has criticized Rush for denouncing McCain.

Limbaugh headlines a long list of commentators — Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Pat Buchanan — whose audience includes many with an equally strong dislike of McCain. (I analyzed the pundits’ outrage here.)

To what degree will Limbaugh, Coulter et al. influence voters’ decision in November? Do people listen to them primarily for entertainment value, or does their audience take their opinions more seriously?

Many conservatives pride themselves on their independence — independence from Big Government in Washington, DC, independence from New York-centered media, independence from movie barons in Hollywood. They might also resent what is becoming their own version of the mainstream media telling them what to do, and who to vote for.

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